White Oak Custom Construction


White Oak Custom Construction

March 12, 2015
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My wife and I decided to retire to the Smoky Mountains, after 30 years in Michigan. We bought property in Laurel Valley, from White Oak Realty. A house was designed and plans were made. When it was time to build our house, we hired White Oak Construction Company. From the onset Gil and his staff were great. Building a costume house (our first) from 500 mile away was worrisome.

However, White Oak Construction Company made it very easy. Gil understands mountain construction, because he knows mountain living. Every decision he made was the correct one. He minimized the cost and built the house we wanted. One of the most comforting statements from Gil was

“I want you to be happy, I’m your neighbor” and “someday I may need your recommendation” Now is that day.

Gil and his staff built our house in a very timely and cost efficient manner. Any future construction, remodeling or maintenance will be done through White Oak Construction Company.


Thomas Durkin

Thomas Durkin

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