How to Mitigate Carpenter Bee & Woodpecker Damage


How to Mitigate Carpenter Bee & Woodpecker Damage

June 25, 2018
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If you have ever owned a wood home, you understand the buzzing struggles that accompany warm weather. Carpenter bees and other larva laying bugs like to make a summer picnic out of the wooden exterior of your home. This picnic soon turns into a full-blown fiesta once woodpeckers start seeking the carpenter bee larvae. Your home suffers from this buggy celebration, leaving your wooden exterior in splinters.

Luckily, White Oak has found a solution by adding a relatively new product called Bug Juice to our paints and stains. This product bonds with the paint on a molecular level to create a finish that is virtually bug proof. The results that we’ve witnessed over the past 5 years have been nothing short of astounding.

Many Smoky Mountain homes are no exception to this annual feast, meaning that they have sustained tremendous damage over the years from carpenter bees and woodpeckers.

If your home needs repairs from bee and woodpecker damage, we would be delighted to give you an estimate for re-staining or re-painting with this Bug Juice additive. By incorporating Bug Juice while repairing and re-treating your wooden exterior, we can fix past damage and help mitigate future bees and woodpeckers from depreciating your home.

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