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The Ultimate Alternative to Traditional Wood

For those of you who may be considering residing your older wooden homes or embarking on new construction projects, cement board siding stands as a bona-fide wood substitute.

Having worked over 40 years in the construction industry, I am no stranger to the beauty of wooden homes. Wood products, such as, western cedar and pine, tend to be the consumer’s first choice. As the market demand increases, so does the price point of these materials. Consequentially, wood products are now unrealistically expensive for the average home owner. In addition to such steep costs, wood siding requires constant maintenance to avoid decay, infestation, and depreciation.

To combat the negatives of wood siding, alternatives began popping up left and right in the marketplace. Only one has consistently proven to be worthy of replicating the quality and appearance of true wood- cement board siding.

Unpainted Cement Board Siding

Beyond offering a realistically traditional appearance, cement board products bring a few distinct advantages over wood. This siding does not shrink, crack, or rot and often costs less. When you paint a house with cement board siding, it lasts around 15 years maintenance free. Over time the home owner will experience astronomical savings in comparison to the 3-5 year painting cycle standard for wooden homes.

Furthermore, cement board siding is vermin proof. This means that squirrels, carpenter bees, woodpeckers, termites, and other pests will no longer serve as unwelcome guests in your living space.

Lastly, cement board siding allows you to take full control of the color selection of your home. Whereas most wood products are limited to a specific range of color stains.

Painted Cement Board Siding on a White Oak Custom Home Build

If you are seeking an economical, vermin proof option for siding that looks real, offers a wide variety of styles and color combinations, and allows you to enjoy your home maintenance free for 15+ years at a time, we may have found your perfect match. After years of utilizing this product with satisfied clients, I can confidently say that cement board siding is here to stay.

Cement Board Siding

Cement Board Window & Frame Trim









Contact us now at 865-379-8044 or drop us an email at for more information.

How to Mitigate Carpenter Bee & Woodpecker Damage

If you have ever owned a wood home, you understand the buzzing struggles that accompany warm weather. Carpenter bees and other larva laying bugs like to make a summer picnic out of the wooden exterior of your home. This picnic soon turns into a full-blown fiesta once woodpeckers start seeking the carpenter bee larvae. Your home suffers from this buggy celebration, leaving your wooden exterior in splinters.

Luckily, White Oak has found a solution by adding a relatively new product called Bug Juice to our paints and stains. This product bonds with the paint on a molecular level to create a finish that is virtually bug proof. The results that we’ve witnessed over the past 5 years have been nothing short of astounding.

Many Smoky Mountain homes are no exception to this annual feast, meaning that they have sustained tremendous damage over the years from carpenter bees and woodpeckers.

If your home needs repairs from bee and woodpecker damage, we would be delighted to give you an estimate for re-staining or re-painting with this Bug Juice additive. By incorporating Bug Juice while repairing and re-treating your wooden exterior, we can fix past damage and help mitigate future bees and woodpeckers from depreciating your home.

For further updates and tips on home construction and maintenance, follow White Oak Construction & Restoration on Facebook or check out our website at

Contact us now at 865-379-8044 or drop us an email at for more information.

Spring LawnCare

There are several things that may help improve your lawn:

Compaction: Aeration to help deal with the compaction of grass root growth. Compaction prevents adequate air and moisture from   reaching the grass roots and makes it hard for new growth to establish.

Thatch overgrowth: Thatch is the layer of dead plant material on your lawn. Typically thin layer of this is helpful in adding organic matter and nutrients to your lawn. A thick   layer, however, can smother new growth,     harbor fungi, and attract lawn pests. Remove excess thatch during spring or fall, not when the grass is growing vigorously.

Low Nutrients: Your lawn is like any other plant and needs nutrients to grow. When you add nutrients to your soil your grass will become greener and heathier.

Weeds: You must remove weeds. You can do this by over-seeding which creates competition for the weeds. You can also remove weeds by using selective herbicides. These herbicides target certain plants and allow your grass less competition for nutrients and water.

Water: Make sure your grass gets enough water. It is especially important to water well when you are establishing new growth.

White Oak Pro lawn care can give you a free estimate on making all or some of these improvements to your lawn. Give us a call to schedule a free  estimate at your convenience. We offer year round service for yard and tree cleanup and very competitive prices for mowing services.

There are two types of lawns predominantly in East Tennessee: Fescue and Bermuda. There are several varieties of each of these types of turf.

Fescue is considered a “cool season” grass. There are many varieties from full sun to partial shade fescues that do very well in our area. This grass variety grows most aggressively in the spring, early summer, and fall times of the year.

Bermuda is a “warm season” grass and there are many varieties of this turf grass as well. It becomes dormant   during the winter and then starts to green up in the late spring. It again becomes dormant in the fall.   Although drought hardy during the summer months,   Bermuda can be very invasive by the aggressive spreading of rhizomes into unwanted areas such as flower gardens and walkways.

To produce a beautiful flower garden, you need to keep weeds out and retain moisture in the soil.

The best way to help with these needs is a good layer of mulch over your garden each spring. Not only does the mulch help hold moisture in the soil, but it also creates a barrier between weed seeds and the soil.

White Oak Pro offers mulch  delivery and placement in your garden within a 20 mile radius of our offices for as little as $45.00 per cubic yard. (Minimum 3 yards) Let us know if we can help you with your mulch needs.

We are often asked, “Why is water running between my gutters and facia—leaving water marks on the facia?”

The Gutters—They need to be kept clean. When they are not draining properly they start holding water. Water is heavy (approx. 8 pounds per gallon). When gutters overflow there is often hundreds of pounds of water being retained by the gutter. This causes the gutter to slowly start pulling away from the facia. Eventually rain water will start running  between the back of the gutter and the   facia. If you see the

“Tale-Tell” signs of streaking on your facia you will need to get your gutters cleaned before further damage is caused to your home. If you need help with your gutter cleaning needs please give us a call. We will be happy to set up a free estimate.

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