FAQ’s From Homeowners


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When do I have to pay my deductible?
2. Who handles my content inventory?
3. What is the difference in mitigation and repair?
4. Are appliances contents or real property?
5. Can I make changes in my home during the repair process and how is that handled with the insurance company?
6. Are all employees and sub contractors insured for liability and workman’s compensation?
7. Where will I live while my home is being repaired?
8. What is subrogation?
9. What does the adjustor mean when they refer to “The Limits”?
10. How do I get paid for the difference between my depreciated value and my actual value?
11. How do I get an estimate done on X-Actware or X-Actoware that represents my best interest?
12. Who is responsible for sending my mortgage holder the required W-9, Contractor Release of Lien, Authorization to Pay, Authorization to Repair, estimate and owner’s profiles?
13. What is done to minimize microbial issues during repair? What is an ozone treatment?
14. How many restorations has the contractor completed in its 30 years of doing business?

These a few of the many questions asked by homeowners during the restoration process. The White Oak Restoration team offers every client the ability to get accurate and understandable answers to all their questions professionally answered.

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