Scroll below for an extensive list of clients who recommend White Oak’s services.

“White Oak built my cabin in Townsend last year. You couldn’t work with a better professional, honest, ethical company. They made suggestions that made the cabin look gorgeous as well as well built to last with minimum maintenance. Gil made suggestions that I would have never thought about for inside and outside lighting, beam work, pegged floors. The final result is gorgeous and I’m very thrilled with the results. It wasn’t an easy lot to build on. They made everything easy for me.

Karen Eberle

“Thank you Gil, David, Jordan, and other workers for a fantastic job- good to see an outstanding work ethic from all!”

The Melnicks

“We recently decided to add a garage to our existing residence.  In this regard, selecting White Oak Construction and Restoration as our contractor was the best decision we made.  White Oak’s professional staff evaluated our requirements and built a detached garage that blended perfectly with the rural setting of our 30-year old log home.  Although we were pleased with the final product, when the County Inspector told me that “This is one of the best constructed buildings I have inspected”, no doubts remained.”

Lee and Shirley Shugart

“White Oak Construction did a great job with the remodeling of our house. The renovation / remodel was quiet extensive and included the installation of new windows, premium vinyl siding, updated kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and fixtures, new flooring, new lighting and painting throughout the interior of the house. We are very pleased with the quality of work and professionalism displayed by the White Oak Team. Gil and David took great care to ensure that the work performed on the house upheld White Oak’s strong reputation for delivering excellent quality renovations. Brent and Peanut are true craftsmen who obviously take pride in their work. In the future, we will look to White Oak Construction for all our home remodeling needs.”

Paul and Alina Dunlap  

“I would like to bring to your attention and give kudos to the team of Peanut, Brent, Bill, Joe, and David. They did a phenomenal job on the replacement of our staircase and deck. Their skill, attention to detail, and work ethic resonated in their craftsmanship and reflects well upon the ethos of your company. Looking forward to working with your company in the future.”

Lee and Joann Lavenka

“I wanted to take the time to thank you again for your hard work, integrity, and professionalism throughout the time you worked to repair my home. When the pipe burst in my house, practically ruining most of my home, I was devastated and felt hopeless. I was confused and uncertain about many decisions that needed to be made and felt like my house would never go back to normal. State Farm adjuster Steve Nichols sent you to my house to speak with me about the damage and upon your arrival, I finally felt like I had help. I appreciated your honesty and I began to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Not only did my house get back to normal, but it also turned out much better. The repairs covered by the insurance company and the upgrades I decided to do myself, both turned out great. I appreciated how your company took charge of my claim and made sure every base was covered, and worked with me on other upgrades that I was interested in. It put me at ease during a very crazy time. Your work was immaculate and completed in a timely manner, and your staff was always completely professional and pleasant. I will recommend White Oak Construction & Restoration to my friends and family in the future and hope State Farm realizes the great work that your company does. I am a completely satisfied customer and will continue to call on White Oak for any home repair needs in the future.

Thank You again, for being so kind during a rough time for me and thank you for the wonderful job that you did at my house. Because of you, I am back in my ‘home sweet home.”

Jessica Stith

“Thank you so much for a great job on our roof. We are never disappointed in your work!! Also the bathroom!”

Pam Guilliams

“After returning home from a two-week vacation to Italy, we were greeted by our neighbor who checked our house, etc. with, “your chimney cap is crooked and some shingles are missing.” The missing shingles ended up being a 5’ by 3’ hole in our roof.

That night we had a terrible storm and water entered our home like a river. My wife and I had containers everyplace. We moved furniture, materials in cabinets, etc. for probably 6 to 8 hours consequently saving practically everything-thank goodness.

It was our first loss in over fifty years of home ownership. I called our agent and Courtney … agency claim person… recommended we contact White Oak Construction & Restoration.

I did. Gil Heinsohn, President of White Oak Construction & Restoration appeared so quickly I thought he must have been sitting on our driveway. He immediately got seven blowers, etc. into our home to try and save carpeting. With help from carpet cleaners the few resulting stains were eliminated – so the quick action worked saving money. It seems we were living in a wind tunnel for four days. One of our rooms has insulated walls and helped by being almost sound proof. No additional living expense was required.

Gil walked through our home with me scoping the loss.

Jeremy Carr, production mgr., aided by Teresa Lambdin, office/claims Manager set in motion the scheduling of workmen etc. to complete the repairs. These people are a true asset to State Farm and White Oak Construction & Restoration. During this time we had two sets of company-one couple stayed nine days-we worked through this. Jeremy made sure the work was completed satisfactorily. The public relations of both these people is outstanding.

After the dry wall-along comes Dawn Wilson, Production. Her crew was great. Dawn has a wonderful personality and I have not seen a more dedicated and harder worker in the ten years we have lived in Tennessee.

We and you are lucky to have an organization like White Oak to help us through a very trying time.

Keep up the good work-and have our heartfelt THANKS.”

Donald & Virginia Bitz

“Gary and I want to thank you and the rest of the “White Oak Crew” again for the great job you did in the restoration of our home after the storm that destroyed half our home on December 19th. Everyone we had contact with was so nice and did such a great job. The “workmanship and quality” could not have been better.

What a blessing it was to be able to go back to Alabama and take care of things that had to be taken care of there, and not have to worry about “if and “how” things were going on our home. We “knew” that everything was being taken care of. You have no idea what a relief that was. You and your people really care. That makes all the difference.

We are so pleased with your work that we would recommend you any time anywhere. If you continue to serve your future clients with the same quality of service as you did with Gary and me, you will “never” be without business.”

Gary & Sandra Baldwin

“Jeff and I just completed the walk-thru of our house with David Applebee of White Oak Restoration. I wanted to let you know that everything looks great!

After the accident happened, I was worried that the whole process of repairing the house would be a big headache. Being parents of a two your old and both full time employees, we didn’t have a lot of time to deal with the details of such a huge task. I was pleased when you told us that State Farm offers contractors to work with us. White Oak has made the whole experience not only painless, but a real pleasure. They brought solid experience to the project with great professionalism. They showed attention to detail, while not loosing sight of the overall picture. Not only did they do an outstanding job, they were extremely easy to work with. We couldn’t be happier with their performance and would gladly recommend them and the service State Farm has provided to family and friends.”

Jeff & Lori G. Thompson

“I want to thank you first for the time and attention you gave me with an ongoing problem in my house with mold, air conditioning, and humidifier. I have ask several companies about the problem I had over ten years, spent thousands of dollars, and never had the problem resolved.

Most importantly you took the time to listen and ask appropriate questions. Then you took time to explain each question that I had and the answer to each question you asked me. No one had ever taken the time to do that either. They just said that I needed this expensive piece of equipment and here is the large bill. I never minded paying the money to fix the problem, but I resented that it never fixed it, and the way they said they wanted to resolve it didn’t make sense to me. They never even looked into the problem. The problem was making us sick.

You not only diagnosed the problem in a way that made sense, you explained it all to me in layman’s terms. I didn’t have to be a contractor to understand, and you recommended JD Robinson to help me. And help he did. He actually looked at my ducts (no one ever had before), went into my attic and my intake to diagnose and fix my problem. He went the extra mile to make his work look finished and cleaned up so that I didn’t have to do anything but just enjoy the new system.

It is so hard to find such professionalism today, and I shall be forever grateful to you and Mr. Robinson. I will recommend you both to everyone I know. I have already given you number to several friends.”

Judy Beaty

“We are writing to let you know how pleased we have been with State Farm Insurance and White Oak Construction & Restoration. As you can imagine, it was a bit overwhelming when we pulled up to the house at 110 Stonewall Drive to see a very large tree lying in the dining room. However, the trauma was soon mitigated when you and State Farm went into action. Your speed of processing the claim, quickness to pay losses and referral of White Oak Construction for the house restoration provided a completely satisfied outcome.

We can see that State Farm has an excellent contractor for the Premier Service Program (PSP) – we have been very pleased with White Oak Construction. Gil Heinsohn, David Appleby and Deborah Hunt have been very professional. They listen and communicated very well, do what they say they are going to do in the time they say they will do it, and do outstanding work. We would recommend them to other State Farm customers.

We are thankful that we are insured by State Farm.”

Jenny Moshak & Chris Hofmann

“We have been acquainted with Mr. Gil Heinsohn and his construction company “White Oak” since 1990. Mr. Heinsohn built our second home in Laurel Valley-Townsend/TN for us.

We had several building experiences before that time with other builders and all had been negative experiences not only in quality but also in price.

Our building experience with Mr. Heinsohn-White Oak Construction was a good one. Superior building quality and no unpleasant surprise with the cost of the construction. He promised a price on a handshake and stayed within that promise.

We still own our Mountain Home and never had any problems with it except for routine maintenance.

Should we ever build again, there is only one builder in our area that would qualify for us: Mr. Gil Heinsohn-White Oak Construction!”

Christa Hoffmann

“Just a short note to let you know how we appreciate the excellent work Jim and John and the other crew that has done work for us! We are so pleased with the outcome of all the jobs they have done. We will be calling again on the near future.”

Vicki & Warren Torrence

A simple thank you is not enough to express my level of gratitude to White Oak Construction Co. and team. The damages caused by a water pipe breaking resulted in many necessary repairs to the ceilings in my home.

All along the process to make my property whole your support and guidance was felt. The White Oak Co. and staff have exhibited the highest degree of professionalism, politeness and promptness in this matter.

Shelby Hall, a good neighbor, recommended your company because of her own outstanding experience with you in helping with her home repairs last year. I also, without hesitation, will gladly recommend your company.

Having been in the advertising profession for 25 years the old adage remains true…………………”word of mouth is sttill the best ad!”

I look forward to working with (you) in the construction of my new home.

May God continue to bless you in both in your professional and personal life.”

Marion Bulman

“I am grateful for the excellent work that White Oak recently performed on my retaining wall. The work was done timely, neatly, and professionally in all respects. The crew’s skill, attention to detail, and work ethic are indeed admirable.

Please express my sincere thanks to Jordan, Randy, Joe, and Christian.

Should I need construction help again you will be the first to receive my call.”

Bob Durham

“We would recommend Gil and White Oak Staff to anyone who may be interested in building or buying a home. Not only does Gil build beautiful, affordable home, but he is also very community oriented. He encourages the entire community to come out and enjoy the grounds at Heritage Park and the many special activities planned throughout the year. Honesty and high standards make working with Gil and White Oak staff a memorable experience.

Lee & Shirley, St. John

“When it came time to plan for our retirement home, my wife and I were in the same quandary as any other retiring couple. Would we be able to find a property that met all our criteria and was suited to the design of the home we envisioned? Where would we find a builder who possessed the experience capability and quality of workmanship we desired?

Fortunately, we had the pleasure of being introduced to Gil Heinshon and White Oak Reality and ConstructionCompany.

We had spent years talking about and planning our unique mountain home. There were many specific prerequisites we chose to build into the design of our home. It was most reassuring to work with a builder who carefully listened to and understood our needs.As we progressed through the planning stages and the building process, Gil overcame any obstacles with thoughtful solutions. Of particular mention was the careful awareness to our busy schedule.

The quality workmanship, the careful selection of materials and the entire finished product of our home exceeded our greatest expectations. We could not be happier.

It is rare today to find the kind of careful attention to detail, the wealth of construction knowledge and experience and genuine concern that everything be exactly right that we found when working with Gil Heinsohn. The workforce at White Oak Construction, their subcontractors, and support staff were equally appreciated.

We certainly recommend Gil Heinsohn and White Oak Realty and Construction Company to anyone who needs contractor for their mountain home construction.”

Don & Martha Sundquist

“My wife and I decided to retire to the Smoky Mountains, after 30 years in Michigan. We bought property in Laurel Valley, from White Oak Realty. A house was designed and plans were made. When it was time to build our house, we hired White Oak Construction Company. From the onset Gil and his staff were great. Building a costume house (our first) from 500 mile away was worrisome.

However, White Oak Construction Company made it very easy. Gil understands mountain construction, because he knows mountain living. Every decision he made was the correct one. He minimized the cost and built the house we wanted. One of the most comforting statements from Gil was

“I want you to be happy, I’m your neighbor” and “someday I may need your recommendation” Now is that day.

Gil and his staff built our house in a very timely and cost efficient manner. Any future construction, remodeling or maintenance will be done through White Oak Construction Company.”

Thomas Durkin

“Over the past ten years I have had the opportunity to purchase and to occupy two secondary residences in the Townsend, Tennessee, both of which were built by White Oak Construction Company. First of all, I would like to state that with respect to quality of construction, including materials and workmanship, I found that White Oak Construction Company was superior to that provide by the contractor of my primary residence, which is in West Knoxville area.

Secondly, I found the owner, Mr. Gil Heinsohn to be honest, accommodating and available to address all questions and concerns that arose, not only during the construction phase, but afterwards as well. These attributes attest to the excellent reputation that White Oak Construction Company has acquired and which elicits my recommendation.”

Lee Shugart

Contact us now at 865-379-8044 or drop us an email at services@whiteoaktn.com for more information.

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